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APG Series

Heavy-Duty, Extreme Pressure (EP) Petroleum-Based Gear Oils

SYN-3001 & SYN-3002

Moly-Fortified, Heavy-Duty, Polyalphaolefin (PAO)-Based, 100% Synthetic Greases

No. 3000 and 3000-W

Tacky, Moly-Lithium Type, Extreme Pressure Greases

No. 1444

Tacky, Aluminum Complex Type Grease


Heavy-Duty, Tacky, Red, Lithium Complex Grease

Gear Shield Series

Multi-Purpose, Lithium-Based, Open Gear Greases

1240 Series

Lithium-Polymer Type, Viscous, Non-corrosive, Extreme Pressure Greases
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