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No. 176

Inorganic / Organic, Open Gear Grease for Centralized Systems.No Solvents

630 Series

Multi-Purpose Lithium-Based Greases

730 Series

High Performance, Aluminum Complex Type Greases

No. 777

Anhydrous Calcium Type Grease

930 Series

Multi-Purpose, High Temperature, Bentone Type Greases

No. 1200-2

Heavy-Duty, General Purpose, Lithium Type Grease

1240 Series

Lithium-Polymer Type, Viscous, Non-corrosive, Extreme Pressure Greases

No. 1444

Tacky, Aluminum Complex Type Grease

No. 3000 and 3000-W

Tacky, Moly-Lithium Type, Extreme Pressure Greases

No. 5555

Semi-fluid, Anhydrous calcium type lubricant
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