Machine Tool Oils

No. 0 is a light 5W type of oil for extremely high speed applications (up to 25,000 rpm) such as spindle lubrication and grinder arbor bearings.  It also makes an excellent lamination oil for progressive stamping operations.

No. 1 is a light 10W type of oil for textile spindles, grinder arbors and other types of bearings operating at high speeds.  An excellent cold test makes this an ideal extreme low temperature hydraulic fluid.

No. 2 is a 20 weight type oil for light general oil applications.  Excellent for ring oiled bearings, wick feeds, bottle and airline oilers, oil cups, light circulating systems, enclosed chains, etc.

No. 3 is a 30 weight oil for similar applications as No. 3-V, shown below, where a grade heavier oil is required.  Also excellent wherever a combination way lubricant and an 80 gear oil are recommended.  Contains tackiness additive.

No. 3-V is a 20 weight oil specially designed for combination machine tool way lubrication and bearing lubrication.  Excellent for ring oiled bearings, oil cups, circulating systems and Servo Controlled Machine Tools.  Meets the majority of machine tool manufacturers' recommendations for general machine oil type lubrication.  Contains a tackiness additive.